Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any common infrastructure that belongs to Dolinki Development ?
YES – in addition to solely owned land under the buildings, there is a common area where we plan to build a playground for kids and 3 parking spaces for guests;
Shall I expect any shared costs to manage the development in future?
The owners will be jointly responsible for maintenance of common area (at their own discretion). That includes access road, main gates, guest parking etc. All above are not expected to generate costs on regular basis with exception of energy supply to the gates. Shall the owners appoint a company or individual helping with maintenance of common area in future, it is independent decision of the owners.
While I purchase the house, will I become the owner of the access road within Dolinki Development?
No, the access road is a separate surface. It will be burdened with servitude towards any owners of houses of Dolinki Development (eng. “easement”, pol. “słóżebność gruntowa”).
Does the developer offer assistance with mortgage application?
YES, if required we facilitate mortgage application in one of leading banks
Will all buildings be raised simultaneously ?
YES, all buildings will be constructed simultaneously. Internal finishing works however will be progressing at different pace based on individual preferences of new owners.
What company is the general builder of Dolinki Development?
We trusted construction of the buildings to “URB Dawiec”, a company with high attention to quality, with 20 years of experience on the market.